Monday, May 16, 2011

Declared dead nine missing after the earthquake in Christchurch

New Zealand authorities declared dead nine people, including a Peruvian teacher, who remained missing after the 6.3 earthquake that struck the town of Christchurch on 22 February. The dead were four Chinese, one Russian, one Filipino and two New Zealanders, as well as Peruvian Frood Elsa Torres, 53, resident in New Zealand and director of the school of language teaching 'King's Education'.

With the declaration of Monday, the final number of casualties of the earthquake rises to 181. The judge ruled that Neil McLean all died of multiple traumatic injuries in the building of Canterbury Television collapsed after the earthquake, New Zealand television reported NZTV. The last time he was alive Frood Towers was three minutes before the quake in the interior of the building and, although his DNA was identified among the remains found, they found their car keys and wedding ring between debris.

The same method was used to determine the death of Chinese students Didi Zhang (23), Xiaoli Zhou (26) and Xu Xiujuan (47), China Jinyang Leng (30 years), the Philippine Sumalpong Rhea Mae (25), the Volnom Russian Valeri (41) and New Zealanders Beaumont Matthew Lyle (31) and Shawn Lucas (40).

New Zealand sits on the fault between the tectonic plates of the Pacific and Oceania and records about 14,000 earthquakes each year, of which 100 and 150 are strong enough to be perceived.

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