Monday, May 16, 2011

Mexican Zetas kill 28 peasants in northern Guatemala

The Guatemalan authorities have blamed the drug cartel and Mexican hitmen 'The Zetas' the killing of 28 peasants, including two women, who was shot dead and beheaded in northern Guatemala. The deputy director of the National Civil Police (PNC), Gerson Oliva, told reporters that the bodies of 26 men and two women were found Sunday at the finca Los Cocos, about 630 kilometers north of the Guatemalan capital.

According to researchers at the PNC, some 200 heavily armed men, members of a cell of 'The Zetas' identified as 'Z 200', arrived in Los Cocos last night and attacked the farmers. According to PNC the 28 people killed were beheaded, a common practice of 'Los Zetas, a group considered one of the most bloodthirsty drug cartels and thugs in Mexico and Guatemala.

Colonel Ron Urizar, press spokesman for the Department of the Guatemalan Army, said dozens of soldiers have been dispatched to the area to prevent the perpetrators from fleeing to Mexico. The department of Petén, the most dense jungle of Guatemala, has been used for several years by groups such as international drug trafficking route for drugs coming into the area by air from South America, which are then moved to Mexico.

The peasants dead, who have not yet been identified, apparently worked on the farm Los Cocos, owned by Harold Waldemar Leon Lara, who was killed on Saturday on the outskirts of the city of Flores. Leon Lara was the brother of Juan Jose Leon, alias "Juancho Leon," a Guatemalan drug trafficker operating in the area east of the country, killed along with ten other people in March 2008 by assassins' Los Zetas.

" 'The Zetas', which initially came as the armed wing of another Mexican Gulf Cartel, which became independent and became enemies, came to Guatemala from 2007 to take over the drug trafficking routes that were controlled by local groups .

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