Monday, May 16, 2011

Court appearance delayed Strauss-Kahn to find more evidence

The bringing to justice of Domique Strauss-Kahn, IMF Managing Director charged with attempted rape at the Sofitel New York, was finally postponed until Monday to give the prosecutor time to gather more evidence against him. Strauss-Kahn has left the police station handcuffed New York where he had been in the last few hours and was transferred to a destination still unknown, as recorded by the Agence France Presse.

DSK, as is known in political and economic circles, was identified by the employee cleaning it reported in a "round of suspects" held in the Special Victims Unit, Manhattan, the East Harlem neighborhood. "Our client has consented to it voluntarily undertake a scientific examination and forensic tonight.

At the request of and in the light of the hour, we decided to postpone the hearing until later," said the lawyer, on the outskirts of the Court Manhattan Criminal. Asked about the state of Strauss-Kahn, Taylor has indicated he is "tired but fine", although he has been detained at JFK Airport in New York as he prepared to fly to Paris on charges of attempting to rape one of employees of the hotel where he was staying.

The alleged victim, who left the police premises covered by a blanket, is an African immigrant, has revealed the newspaper 'The New York Times. His fellow Sofitel defined it as a discreet woman, "working copy" and mother of several children. The woman was treated for minor injuries and psychological trauma in the Roosevelt Hospital in New York, hours after reporting sexual assault by the director of the International Monetary Fund in the luxury suite at the Sofitel, shortly after noon on Saturday.

Police have revealed that a DSK call the hotel from the airport that afternoon, inquiring about the whereabouts of your mobile phone, was vital to reach you while preparing to leave New York for Paris, in an Air France flight tried to catch on the fly at JFK. The head of the International Monetary Fund had an agreement with Air France that allowed him to fly first class without reservation, as long as there empty seats.

"What?" Were his words of surprise when the two Port Authority detectives encouraged him to leave the plane for questioning about the rough episode. According to witnesses, left without resistance he put the handcuffs. Strauss-Kahn was formally arrested at two o'clock on Sunday and spent several hours at a police station in Midtown Manhattan, before being transferred to the Special Unit for Special Victims Harlem.

His court appearance was delayed several hours by the decision to take samples from scratching on the body to see if there was traces of DNA from the alleged victim. According advanced the 'Wall Street Journal, the IMF managing director may resign right after pleading "not guilty." DSK, which was in New York on a private visit, decided to hire one of the most powerful lawyers in the city, Benjamin Brafman, who came to represent in their day to Michael Jackson.

The news of the arrest of Strauss-Kahn as a bomb fell in France, where he was given as virtually certain presidential nomination for next year as the International Monetary Fund headquarters in Washington. For the moment, has been at the forefront of your organization's "number two", the American John Lipsky, who just announced on Thursday that he would leave the IMF in August when his term ends.

The International Monetary Fund, which has refused to comment on the case and have derived any questions to the lawyers the economist, stressed that in any way the body is "fully operational".

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