Monday, May 16, 2011

The Israeli army closed the access to e-mail and Internet on their computers

Jerusalem .- Israel's army has closed off access to the Internet and e-mail accounts in almost all of their computers in order to reduce spending and avoid the leak of classified documents. With the implementation of a project called "Global Village", the Israeli military authorities have drastically reduced the network connection from their computers, in an attempt to minimize risk and to the increasingly widespread use among soldiers of the new networks social, reported the Haaretz daily.

The move comes after the publication in tools like Facebook photo of Palestinian detainees and information on operational issues. From now on, e-mail platforms such as Gmail or Hotmail will be inaccessible from the military offices and from many teams can only enter the Israeli government pages with the ".

Gov. Il." New computer security measures have been poorly received by the troops, especially by soldiers serving in the field, many of whom have opted to buy laptops and contract mobile connections to the network, says the newspaper. The military chiefs of security, however, claim to have received no complaints and claim that, however, that "the response has been very positive." The "Global Village" is designed to provide secure Internet access in the Army, according to the threats of 2011, "said a lieutenant general in charge of it.

According to the military, the troops have common computers to" access to virtually unrestricted internet, from which they can connect to Facebook, Gmail and Twitter. Staff using computers to work, however, has a restricted network access, since "no need to use Facebook, with the exception of military spokesman's office, which is used as an advertising tool.

"The Israel Defense Forces should protect their computers in the face of mounting threats," said the lieutenant general, who asked whether it was more important than a soldier can Internet access to pay your phone bill to prevent a security risk. Another reason that has led the cyber restrictions is economic: the internet is very expensive and the Army is willing to pay only those who really need to work .

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