Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The rebels concentrated in Ajdabiya expect that NATO will make its way

The rebels retreated last night on the eastern front until Ajdabiya and focus on Tuesday in this strategic city waiting for attack NATO troop positions of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, faced with as a source of assured combatants. The rebels withdrew late on Monday afternoon in the area known as the Arbain, 40 miles west of Ajdabiya, and are now on the outskirts of this city, said the source, who preferred anonymity.

The rebels were ordered by NATO to back off and stay in Ajdabiya, added the source, who said that NATO had bombed positions gadafistas, mostly concentrated around the oil enclave of Brega, and destroyed some of their military vehicles. For his part, Jalal al Galal, National Transitional Council spokesman (CNT), the highest governing body of the insurgents, confirmed that rebel forces have retreated to Ajadabiya to allow NATO to operate in the area.

The rebels and troops have kept the fighting Gaddafi for weeks in the desert hamlet 80 kilometers separating Ajbadiya of Brega, where the Eastern Front has been stalled for over a month and a half, with neither of the two sides get progress and significant victories. No indication that the attacks of NATO warplanes intensified or aid to the rebels is extended in one way or another.

This morning, the European Union has recognized that "only" provides for deploying the military to support humanitarian mission in Libya without request from the Office of UN Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) if it finds that "civilians have no access humanitarian aid. " "The situation is extremely difficult but we're not there yet," spokesman confirmed the Humanitarian Aid Commission, Rafael Brigandi, reports from Brussels Europa Press.

Brigandi has confirmed that humanitarian aid reaches Misrata yet, where you have managed to evacuate some 11,000 people since last April 11, according to which way the EU executive. NATO has bombed the positions of the regime's forces in this area, where last April, there were two incidents of 'friendly fire', in which NATO mistakenly attacked the rebels, causing several casualties among their ranks.

Since then it has improved coordination between insurgents and commanders of the Alliance, according to former and current instructions from NATO to the rebel army seeking to prevent the recurrence of such incidents, the source said of the fighters. The rebels have repeatedly called on NATO to open them the way with its bombing to advance the field, and is settled with the weapons available to them can not cope with their enemies, better equipped and organized .

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