Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Four Taliban launched an offensive against Afghan military posts

A group of about 400 Taleban on Tuesday launched an offensive against Afghan military positions in eastern Nuristan, near the Pakistani border, officials said. Insurgent operation began Tuesday morning in the area of Chatra, located 18 kilometers from the provincial capital, said police chief of Nuristan, Aziz Rahman Zahid, who acknowledged that the fighting still continues.

So far they have killed two suspected Taliban, while three others were wounded insurgents and two members of the security forces, added the same source. Furthermore, the head of the provincial governor, Abdul Ghafur Amin confirmed that a rebel group attacked a military unit in the district of Wama Nuristani, in a battle during which three Taliban were killed and eight soldiers were wounded.

Nuristan, in a traditional route for smuggling between Pakistan and Afghanistan is a mountainous province where there are hardly any presence of international troops and the insurgents have traditionally maintained an intense activity. Insurgents launched on 1 May their traditional spring offensive warfare, including timing actions against international troops deployed in the country and the forces and Afghan government institutions.

Last weekend, thirty insurgents attacked commands divided into ten public facilities in the city of Kandahar, the main south of the country and one of the epicenters of the Taliban ideology.

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