Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Does Rome tremble?

An earthquake destroyed Rome tomorrow: that is the prophecy circulating for months over the Internet and creating a kind of collective psychosis among the inhabitants of the capital. In fact, although seismology experts warn that there is nothing to fear, many Romans have decided that if tomorrow will not stay in the Eternal City to see whether or not it meets the dreaded prediction.

While there are no official figures estimated that tomorrow might not come to work between 15% and 20% more officers who defaulted on his job last year at this time. It is also expected that many children come to school and throw many shops and offices closed. Meanwhile, Civil Protection phones do not stop receiving calls from frightened at the idea that the prediction can become a reality.

Syndrome May 11, as has been baptized, is based on predictions that supposedly made Bendandi Raffaele, a self-taught scientist, amateur astronomer (99 years ago discovered four new planets) and seismology enthusiast who became quite famous at the time of Mussolini, to the point that this was granted the title of Cavaliere.

The urban legend that Bendandi, who died in 1979, deposited in 1931 at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences an envelope with several predictions covering the year 2025. Among other things, that a terrible earthquake destroyed Rome on May 11, 2011, ie tomorrow. Bendandi came from a poor family and were never put into elementary school.

But his passion for the stars and the ground made him a very respected figure, to the point that came to be admitted to the Seismological Society of Italy. However, this was eventually expelled for insisting that he had given monotonously with how to predict earthquakes. According Bendandi, the planets exert on the crust of the earth a similar to the moon causes the tides.

The amateur scientist was firmly convinced that when a particular planetary alignment the Earth's crust rises and under this there is a bankruptcy, triggering the quakes. And supposedly that's what will happen tomorrow in Rome. Never mind that experts in seismology, with the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in the lead, take weeks warning that not fulfill the prophecy.

No matter how long the foundation devoted to Raffaele Bendandi and custody all documents insist on ensuring that among the many papers left by the pseudo-science is not even one in which tomorrow's date cited nor mentioned the Rome. Not to mention that the very Bendadi rarely dare to make predictions with more than one year ahead ...

But that does not matter: psychosis has gripped many Romans.

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