Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ahmadinejad, the conciliator

Ahmadinejad has passed through Istanbul wearing his side more 'hippy'. Facing the crisis, dialogue. Against the discrepancy, the negotiating table. He promised to return to sit on that for years sought to put him in nuclear path "very soon." What is not explained is why he has held until now to return the tablecloth.

"Very soon we will respond to Mrs. Ashton, the relevant officials in Iran will do very soon," said the mysterious rhetoric that characterized the Conrad Hotel in the Turkish capital, the same as in February was yet another failed negotiation and probably again be the scene of the new. "We are very happy that the P5 +1 (the five permanent members of UN Security plus Germany) re-negotiate.

We have always supported the continued dialogue and we are ready to cooperate." That's right. He asserted that the talks must be based on the principle of "justice and equality", which promises no easy way, taking into account elastic term for the president of Iran. And to make it clear he added that "some Western countries do not want our progress, do not want Iran and Turkey to reach the scientific knowledge of nuclear nations," said sweeping the country hosting the summit against poverty in which he participated for home.

As for Libya, Ahmadinejad recommended to talk more and shoot less. And criticized the international intervention, which only involved, he said, more things. "I told Ban [UN Secretary General, also present at the summit] that could have prevented this action." It also provided solutions: an independent international group to accept the government, opposition and Libyan people.

"We must join hands and resources to help alleviate tension [Middle East]," he said in a mystical rapture. As he sang the final fireworks 'yanquee go home', preventing Obama from the mistakes of Bush in the region and ensuring that they do not trust their information on the death of Bin Laden.

"It's going to spread violence in Pakistan. I say learn from the experience of Bush and withdraw from the region. If not, will face a fate even more shameful."

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