Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Italian troops begin to withdraw garbage from Naples

ROME .- The contingent of 160 soldiers provided by the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, began on Tuesday to remove garbage from the city of Naples (southern Italy), where wastes accumulate again in the streets. Shortly after 08.00 am (0600 GMT), a team of eighteen began military operations in the area of Gianturco, a suburb east of the city, where, as reported by local media, the garbage accumulated in the streets smell is nauseating.

This team has six military vehicles prepared for the transfer of 4 to 5 tons of waste each, as predicted by Lieutenant Colonel Vincenzo Lauro, will collect about 30 tons of trash during the day. In addition to Naples, the military returned to work Tuesday in the village of Quarto, north of the city, where the weekend the army had begun to remove debris as well as in the neighboring hamlet of Monteruscello, in the municipality of Pozzuoli.

Tonight, according to media reports, firefighters had to make at least 38 interventions in the province of Naples by fires in piles of garbage that accumulate on the streets. Said on Tuesday the media Councilman Hygiene of the City of Naples, Paolo Giacomelli, during a visit to the work of the military in Gianturco, there are still some 3,000 tonnes of rubbish collected in the streets of Naples.

"The problem is not resolved by the army. His speech is not decisive, but the military presence is the sign of attention from institutions," Giacomelli said, adding that the really important thing is to have a place to take them, not to include them. "Do not know where to take the system for waste facilities is not adequate (...).

I had felt before the previous crisis. The presence of the military a few days of the vote seems an operation near the city unless "he added. There are many criticisms that have provoked the government's decision to send the military back to the city of Naples, where Berlusconi is scheduled to travel on Friday to check the status of the situation just two days before the municipal elections of 15 and 16 May.

Multiple instances of the authorities in Naples have denounced electoral interest by the head of the Government to make clear the management of the current mayor, Rosa Russo Iervolino, the Democratic Party (PD). Last year, residents of the localities in the surroundings of Vesuvius National Park, located off the coast of Naples, took to the streets to protest against odor coming from a landfill and against the opening of a new one in the area, and impeded the normal work of employees of the collection.

This prompted the streets of the southern province accumulate more than 2,000 tons of waste and repetition and images left by the previous crisis in 2008, Berlusconi's government finally agreed to suspend the proposed new landfill, which was scheduled it was the largest in Europe.

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