Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The CIA will keep your head in Pakistan despite the leak of her name

Washington .- The head of the CIA in Pakistan will continue there, though some local media have tried to reveal his identity, according to senior U.S. officials have revealed, for whom this is an attempt by the Pakistani Intelligence (ISI) to circumvent the debate by the presence of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden in that country.

A chain and a Pakistani newspaper published this week the assumed name of the head of the U.S. agency in China. However, the two officials polled by Reuters have denied that this information is accurate. "The current head of the CIA (in Pakistan) is a true professional, someone who knows how to work with our foreign partners and is trying to strengthen cooperation with Pakistani intelligence," said one source.

Thus, two informants have ruled out the possibility that their identity is no longer exposed, while they have pointed to a strategy of the ISI to deflect attention from the U.S. demanded explanations for the presence of Bin Laden in Pakistan. Since last week, U.S. special forces strike down the terrorist, there have been many doubts about the Pakistani intelligence.

U.S. asks how it lived for five years in Abbottabad, which houses the country's main military academy, just a few miles north of the capital, Islamabad. In this vein, the U.S. president, Barack Obama, said Monday in an interview on CBS that bin Laden had a "support network" in Pakistan, but acknowledged he does not know if any of the institutions or population.

For its part, Pakistan has defended arguing that the fact that the leader of Al Qaeda go unnoticed for so long demonstrates a global failure of intelligence agencies, not just the ISI, defending his loyalty to the West in the fight against international terrorism. Previous Last December, the then head of the CIA in Pakistan was forced to resign after local media disclose their identity, as the United States considered a reprisal of ISI in the action brought against some of its members in a Chicago court.

U.S. relatives of victims of the November 2008 attack against a Jewish center and other civilian targets in Mumbai accused the ISI of being linked to the Pakistani group Lashkar-e-Taiba, responsible for these attacks.

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