Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fukushima evacuees return home two months after the tsunami

Tokyo .- With white protective suits, masks and radiation dosimeters, hundreds of evacuees from the crisis in the nuclear power Fukushima (Japan) on Tuesday returned home to collect belongings. A total of 92 residents of the village of Kawauchi were displaced early Tuesday came with a gesture sorry, in the scope of exclusion of 20 km around the plant, reports the broadcaster NHK.

Evacuees from eight other municipalities affected by emissions from the plant can visit their homes during the week. On 22 April, the Government declared illegal entry to a radius of 20 kilometers from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, damaged by the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11 caused 14 919 deaths and 9,893 missing, according to the latest count.

In the territory become exclusion zone around 80,000 people lived before the tsunami, which triggered a nuclear crisis by stopping the cooling system of the plant. The urgency of the situation on March 11 made the neighbors left behind identity cards, money, bank books or passports in their homes, so they had asked the Government to be allowed to return to their home.

For about two hours, residents gathered today Kawauchi belongings fit into the bag 70 by 70 inches provided and reviewed the state found their pets and farm animals. Evacuees also brought with them gloves and walkie talkies to communicate when necessary. Then a government bus transported them to a gym where they were subjected to a test for their exposure to radiation.

Recent surveys conducted by Japan and the United States revealed radiation levels in the area of up to 9.5 mSv per hour when the maximum recommended for an adult is 1 millisievert year. Before entering, evacuees protested at being forced to sign a document admitting that they entered the restricted area under its responsibility, Kyodo news agency reported.

The 20-kilometer radius around the plant in Fukushima was declared legal exclusion zone, while in the area between 20 and 30 kilometers, the Government has recommended the public to be safeguarded or leave the place. The people of Iitate decided today that the first residents evacuate after the Government's request to leave the town in a phased manner before the end of May due to accumulated radiation.

These 400 residents will be accommodated in hotels and other facilities, but the council believes it will be difficult to evacuate all its citizens within the stipulated period it has not yet found enough shelter.

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