Friday, April 22, 2011

Seven civilians killed in Tripol

At least seven civilians were killed and 18 others were injured after further NATO attacks in the Libyan capital on Wednesday as they denounced the Libyan news agency Jana. The attacks have occurred in the region of Al-Ferjan Khellat, southwest of Tripoli. According to this agency, a military source confirmed the news.

Jana added that the bombing has destroyed a number of houses and has "terrorized children and women of the region." Allibya Libyan television had also reported the attack. France Presse newspapers have heard three explosions in the area. Allibya had previously indicated that "the region had been targeted by air strikes that have caused several casualties among the inhabitants of the region and destroyed their homes." NATO, meanwhile, denied reports and said it had no "no indication" on the possible death of civilians.

On the day of Wednesday, the NATO air attacks have focused on the region of Bir Al-Ghanam, about fifty miles southwest of the capital, which left four dead among civilians, "according to Jana. Also late Sunday were known to the governments of Italy and the United Kingdom made available to the National Transitional Council of Libya (CNT) to ten each military instructors to help the rebels in the fight and defense strategies against the forces regime loyalists.

France, meanwhile, announced it is sending a "small number" of "liaison officers" at the CNT to organize the protection of civilians in Libya, while reiterating his refusal to deploy ground forces in the North African country. In most human conflict, has been known since the beginning of the revolt in the country some 10,000 people have died and 55,000 were injured.

Only in the last 48 hours, at least 125 people have been killed in the clash. Among them, two photographers who were on the ground covering the attacks of the forces of Gaddafi over the city of Misrata. This reporter Oscar nominee for his work in 'Restrepo', Tim Hetherington, and reporter Chris Hondros Getty Images.

Two others seriously wounded comrades continue after being hit by mortar bombs launched by Gaddafi loyalists.

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