Friday, April 22, 2011

Paris, London and Rome sent military instructors

The governments of Italy and the United Kingdom made available to the National Transitional Council of Libya (CNT) ten military instructors each, reported the Italian Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa. In a press appearance following a meeting in Rome with his British counterpart, Liam Fox, the Italian minister said that "this decision was taken following a discussion between the Prime Minister (of Italy, Silvio) Berlusconi and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

" Also on Wednesday the French government, through its spokesman, François Baroin, announced the dispatch of a "small number" of "liaison officers" at the CNT to organize the protection of civilians in Libya, while reiterating its rejection the deployment of ground forces in the North African country.

The Foreign Ministry Gallo, Alain Juppe, said in turn that the goal is to provide opponents of the Gaddafi regime "essentially technical advice, logistical and organizational arrangements to help strengthen the protection of civilians and improve the distribution of humanitarian aid and care.

" Also, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has recommended to President Obama to be given to the rebels Libyan aid of 25 million [more than 17 million euros] in non-lethal products and services [ie not include weapons], "he said as his department. Indeed, on Wednesday the president of the rebel National Transition Council, Mustafa Abdeljalil, said the channel France 24 that the Libyan revolt has obtained weapons of "some friends have given us." Furthermore, "hgemos able to buy weapons with Libyan money," said Abdeljalil, who this morning met with Sarkozy at the Elysee, but declined to identify such "friends." The Italian Minister, however, refused to delve into the details of the plan.

"It's a decision an hour ago, too early for details. The important thing is that our two countries [Italy, United Kingdom] share the need to train insurgents, young people eager to fight for a cause they consider essential, but not have the necessary military preparation, "said La Russa, told Italian media that gather.

"We will go wherever there to help safe our expertise and allow them to oppose an army that, by contrast, is professional," said the politician, referring to Libyan leader's troops. Italian Defense Minister said that for the moment the hypothesis of a ground intervention of international troops "can not", among other reasons because insurgents, he said, "do not want an intervention of this kind." "It is the insurgents who do not want to accuse the Islamic countries have stopped entering 'crusaders' in their territory," said La Russa.

The Minister also informed of the availability of its Government to refuel in flight to the UK military aircraft passing through the bases in Italy and the commitment reaffirmed his British counterpart to continue participating in the allied operation, "which is objective to make Libya a free and democratic government.

" "We have also decided to extend the host team of NATO bases in Italy and to verify, according to the evolution of the situation, any further contributions if it became necessary," said La Russa. For its part, the British Defense Minister said that if the international coalition, now under NATO command, had not intervened on the city of Benghazi, "we would have seen a humanitarian tragedy like that is taking place in Misurata and other Libyan cities.

" "It's sad to see XXI century there is a regime that kills civilians. What we want is that men and women of that country can sleep safely in their homes without fear of being attacked by their own government" Fox said "not for us to say who should rule in Libya, but Gadhafi has to remember that international law has a good memory and can obtain results in many ways.

While Gadhafi is in power, be a danger to their own nation "he added.

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