Friday, April 22, 2011

Obama "sell" its plan to reduce the deficit on Facebook

Washington .- U.S. President, Barack Obama defended his proposal to reduce the deficit over the next 12 years without abandoning the investments in education, energy and research, during a popular assembly to Facebook designed to attract the youth vote. Obama, who has 19 million "friends" on Facebook, has become the first U.S.

president to visit the company's headquarters in Palo Alto (California), where he participated in a forum a little more than an hour, moderated by network founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The fiscal situation in the country is "unsustainable" and the proposal seeks to reduce the deficit to four billion dollars over the next 12 years without sacrificing the investment in research, energy, education and infrastructure, said the president.

Obama said, for example, that a way to reduce health care costs would be for doctors to exchange information on their patients through Facebook, the network that served as an electoral weapon in 2008. Obama felt that the budget plan promoted by Republicans is a "radical vision" and "very courageous" because the reform of health care programs Medicare and Medicaid cuts would hurt the needy.

Taking up some of their slogans, 2008, Obama urged young people, regardless of ideology, to become involved in the political process, because "if we join together we can solve the problems" facing the country. Asked about his achievements, Obama acknowledged that the health reform of 2010 was a "great battle" but stressed that there was probably no way to achieve it more quickly, being a system as large and complex.

Obama listed the tasks to be completed during his tenure: the control deficit, immigration reform, energy reform and improvements in science and mathematics. His visit to Palo Alto is part of a series of three public meetings, entitled "Responsibility and shared prosperity" that held this week in various parts of the country to "sell" its plan to reduce the deficit to soothe the anxieties of the opinion public to the weak economic recovery.

The first was held in northern Virginia, and will last the morning in Reno (Nevada). During his visit to Facebook, Obama answered questions from the 500 employees of the company and 200 other guests, as well as questions submitted online. The president participated in the forum of Facebook, two weeks after launching his reelection campaign in 2012, which included an effort to add votes among social network users.

In California, Obama will also attend various fundraising events in towns near San Francisco and Los Angeles in the next 48 hours.

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