Friday, April 22, 2011

Chongqing, the new capital of Red China

Chongqing seems to have traveled back in time to the Cultural Revolution. Local television in this city in China, 30 million people, only broadcasts programs about communism, even as citizens are forced to sing patriotic songs and the masses, dressed in red, reminiscent of Mao Zedong. This is due to an obsessive campaign to promote the 'culture red', as it is called in China to everything related to Maoism.

The initiative is currently secretary of the Communist Party in the town, the charismatic Bo Xilai, former Minister of Commerce in China and wants to return to the upper echelons of power in 2012 or 2013. Bo, famous for having launched a relentless campaign against the gangs that dominated politics and the justice of Chongqing before their arrival, the son of one of communist heroes, Bo Yibo, who died in 2008 with 98 years since Comrade Mao the beginning of the Revolution.

This partly explains the passion of the child to remember times that other Chinese leaders that most people have already forgotten in the country, or are expressly omitted from the official books. There are details of the campaign 'red' that are puzzling to all observers, if the recent commemoration of the 90 th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in the city, in which 10,000 people formed which Red Guards on one of the the city's main squares.

That act, in late March, even offering prints that recalled the dark days of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), a time that the Chinese Communist leaders and avoided even remember Bo and his father was not positive, since family spent 10 years locked up in prisons or labor camps. Former Minister of Commerce not only organizes massive acts of glorification of communism, has also ordered for months that local television emits no ads or commercial software, because for 24 hours offering history of the Maoist revolution and other places to inject patriotism to their fellow citizens.

This has produced a collapse of the Chongqing TV audience, but Bo does not seem to matter, because this week has ordered city dwellers to learn 36 songs written to commemorate the anniversary of the CCP. Melodies to be broadcast on radio, television and advertising will be done in local newspapers, on the orders of the leader of the municipality.

For analysts, the Chongqing maoización Bo is a campaign for the central government in Beijing will not forget despite having relegated to a province. A kind of campaign, something unprecedented in China. "If you settle this example, others might follow and to campaign the same way, and a matter of time to formalize lines of opposition," said Francesco Siscia expert.

"It would be a green light on the path to multiparty democracy." In the central leadership in Beijing is astonishment. Many leaders have chosen to ignore the movements of Bo, but it has also made some critical support. Indeed, five among the top leaders of the CPC Chongqing visited and praised the measures of Bo.

Including the chairman of the legislature, Wu Bangguo, number two in the Communist hierarchy) who said that Chongqing has reduced crime by 40%.

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