Friday, April 22, 2011

Oman frees more than 200 protesters

Omani authorities announced Wednesday the release under a pardon from Sultan Qaboos bin Said, of 234 protesters arrested during recent protests in the Gulf country. This measure relates to people arrested for "crowding in public," according to the official agency Ona. However, lawsuits against other protesters, accused of having set fire to public buildings and tested, resistance to authority, block roads, traffic disruption and humiliation or assault of state employees, according to the agency, which did not specify the number of arrestees in these circumstances.

In early April, the Omani police had freed another group of 57 protesters arrested in Sohar (northern), the day after the death of a protester at the hands of the police. Oman, a sultanate generally peaceful in the Arabian Peninsula, has lived since late February, the protest movement has not yet turned against the authority of the Sultan Qaboos, in power since 1970.

Since early March, the Sultan has undertaken a major reshuffle in response to criticism of the protesters and announced the creation of 50,000 jobs

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