Friday, April 22, 2011

Martelly confirmed as president of Haiti

The final results of presidential and legislative elections held in Haiti awarded the presidency to the singer Michel Martelly, has become known as the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). Martelly said, and as president-elect, who want to avoid struggles with the opposition in Parliament and to forge a partnership "harmonious" for future projects and plans for the country to be "fruitful." In his first press conference after his victory was confirmed, the new Haitian president has stressed that he is "irrelevant" init, the ruling party, has a majority in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, because all candidates including himself, have been elected to serve the Haitian people.

Martelly won 716,986 votes, representing 67.57% of the vote, as had been announced when the provisional results were published. Has before it the challenge of bringing forward plans to rebuild a devastated Haiti for their extreme poverty, aggravated during the last year from the effects of an earthquake that left over 300,000 dead and a cholera epidemic that has claimed the lives of about 5,000 people in six months.

The president-elect, who made his first trip to the United States has indicated it has a "strong team" which is led by lawyer Thierry Mayard Paul as chief of staff. In addition, he called his supporters to organize and promised to work with them to "change things."

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