Saturday, March 12, 2011

The tsunami in the Red

A 8.8 magnitude earthquake has rocked Japan on Friday, leaving hundreds dead and even economic consequences incalculable. However, after the earthquake a giant wave hit the shores Nipponese further elevating the level of destruction and transferring the risk to other parts of the world. Internet reflects, through videos of the television or the people affected, the graphic chronicle of events.

These are only some examples: The tsunami reaches the coast and destroys everything that is right on the coast. Boats, cars, buildings, trees, etc. are dragged hundreds of feet into the ground, flooding the crops. At sea, a swirl remains stuck on a boat. The giant wave hit hard in the port city of Sendai, where the violence of the onslaught drag boats along the river, cars parked on the shore and even entire buildings.

Japanese TV footage where you see the giant wave hitting the coast. A graphic overlay indicates the level of impact on every part of the country while the English phrase follows the situation in each. A helicopter flies over some of the affected areas. Despite the brevity of the video is clearly contemplates the level of damage suffered by the region, with water still flooding absolutely everything that is visible from the air.

Another view of the earthquake, in a supermarket where the food is always orderly lines are broken by the violence of the earthquake. Calm broken. Away from the coast or the bustle of cities, the minutes of terror that has prevailed in the country Japan has also been felt in this quiet residential area.

The first night after the disaster looming over Japan. The capital has felt the earthquake and the tsunami before the re-launch transport services, thousands of people roaming the streets as they walk to their homes. In many cases they will need hours to arrive.

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