Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shiite protests in Saudi Arabia: Shots on protesters

In a demonstration of 800 Shias in the Saudi port city of Qatif at least four people were injured when police fired after the end of the rally at the demonstrators. The protesters were on Thursday by the city of nearly pulled only Shiite-inhabited city, and had the release of nine political prisoners demanded.

200 police officers watched the rally. The controversy was sparked when demonstrators attacked a police officer who was filming the protest. The details of police and demonstrators are contradictory. The Interior Ministry spokesman in Riyadh said that the police had warning shots were fired in the air after she herself had been shot at.

On behalf of the demonstrators said, however, that the police had started shooting. In the Shiite eastern province of Saudi Arabia in addition to 15 000 members of the National Guard deployed to prevent demonstrations. Qatif is located near the Ras Tanura Ölverladehafen from which every day five million barrels of crude oil to be shipped.

The demonstration in Qatif had on the eve of an announced for Friday "Day of Wrath" was held at which the Facebook groups "coalition of the free youth" and "Revolution of Our Lives" had called. Accordingly, wanted 30,000 participants of the groups in Riyadh gather after Friday prayers to rallies.

The Saudi government had confirmed a week ago, a ban on any rallies. In order to prevent them in Riyadh, during the day were at strategic positions in the country and built up police checkpoints. People were searched. In Yemen, on Friday again tens of thousands of people demanded the resignation of President Salih.

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