Saturday, March 12, 2011

10 seconds to flee from an earthquake

What would save if he knew I was ten seconds before the impact of an earthquake? This decision was one that had to make hundreds of thousands of Japanese this afternoon to activate the automatic earthquake warning moments after feeling the first, almost imperceptible tremor. The system, maintained by the Japan Meteorological Agency and active since late 2007, connecting more than a thousand machines of seismographs located throughout the country, when one senses the beginnings of an earthquake, the system is activated and automatically launches warning through television and radio.

The system also has special connections with companies, large structures and public transport systems, when activated, it automatically cuts the power to heavy machinery and thousands of trains crossing the country. In buildings connected to the system also gives the order to shut off the gas-to prevent leaks and explosions, and sent the elevator to the nearest floor.

Although the advancement offered by the system depends on the distance between you and the epicenter of the earthquake, usually ensures that one has at least ten seconds to catch the essentials, kids, shoes, anything of particular value, and leave home before the impact of major earthquakes.

The alert system was designed after the publication of a major scientific report of the Government in mid of the last decade, which assumes that Japan will suffer a 'mega-earthquake "-even worse than today, shortly with at least 10,000 deaths. Japan is about 100,000 earthquakes each year, although the vast majority of them are invisible.

In 1995 an earthquake measuring 7.3 on the city of Kobe was 6.434 fatalities. However, the worst earthquake that struck Japan in the last century occurred in 1923 when over 142,000 people died in an earthquake of magnitude 8.4.

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