Saturday, March 12, 2011

GEORGIA - On the road to revolution ...

The wave of protests sweeping the Arab world has awakened the Georgian political scene. Everyone talks about a "Egyptianizing" and "moubarakisation. The Georgian Party [in opposition] has developed a particularly strong rhetoric in parallel to what is happening in Egypt and Libya. According to its leader, Levan Gachechiladze, presidential candidate of 2008, Georgia must be prepared to "scenario Cairo," and government efforts to address urgently with a series of key issues [economic and political], fault What the Georgian Party itself will spell the beginning of the revolution.

Another leader of this party, Erossi Kitsmarichvili, former Georgian ambassador to Russia, asking the question. "Let us overthrow this regime through elections or revolution? Mikheil Saakashvili is to find the answer is to say, to create conditions conducive to the development of private economic initiative, promoting the Independence of Justice, to depoliticize the police, raising pressure on the media.

If this is not done, the protests will become the only path to change. " Gradually, as the wave of revolutions Arab progresses, the floor of the former Speaker of Parliament, leader of the Democratic Movement Party [and former right-hand Saakashvili] Nino Burjanadze is more direct. "The key is to get the departure of Saakashvili in the revolution and to hold truly democratic elections," she said in February in an interview with Ukrainian media korespondent.

net. She was even more frank on March 2, in an interview at a site of Georgia, where she slammed the opposition party which advocates dialogue with the government. "In Georgia, the right path is the path of peaceful revolution. When we said there would be no change of power without demonstrations, many critics called us 'radicals' and accused us to aspire to power at the expense of destroying the country.

Now they have all followed suit. Unfortunately, in our country, the events will evolve in a revolutionary scenario, as Saakashvili has eliminated the possibility of any other scenario. March 1, in an interview with Georgian newspaper Resonansi, leader of the opposition Free Democrats Irakli Alassania [former Georgian ambassador to the UN] has estimated that organizing events on social issues [dramatic increase in the price essential commodities, rampant unemployment, rampant poverty] was a "duty".

"The social situation is deteriorating day by day," he said. We need a massive protest on concrete topics, to compel the authority to change its economic policy abherrante. Party leader Free Georgia, Kakha Koukava note another important aspect of the situation deleterious: the distrust and nihilism [voter] with respect to Georgia's electoral system.

For him, "a popular revolution" will be held in Georgia. Many independent experts do not believe in the possibility of change through elections and suggest the necessity of revolution. Irakli Sessiachvili does not beat around the bush: "To get rid of this regime, the only way is revolution, which implies taking risks." For the authorities, Georgia has already made its revolution [Rose] in 2003.

Nevertheless, calls for dialogue with the opposition are increasing for several days. "We are ready to talk about issues that concern our people," said Chairman of Parliament David Bakradze. As the main interest, Mikheil Saakashvili, he commented: "In the Middle East, people are civilized, they'll find the right path.

Freedom is always fraught with risks, but the lack of liberty creates a risk of deflagration. These revolutions have names of plants: jasmine, cedar ... It was Georgia that created this kind of label, in 2003. The revolution does not mean waving flags. The major revolution, we have begun After the Rose Revolution.

Our modernization program will stabilize our success and I will then say that our revolution has definitely won. "

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