Saturday, March 12, 2011

The day Reagan was about to die

U.S. intelligence services have published today an unprecedented record that reviews the key minutes after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981. The conversation reveals how the sharpness of one of its players was key to act before the severity of an injury that initially went unnoticed.

The audio document of 10-minute talks includes the Secret Service agents charged with protecting the president. Shows that during the seconds that followed the attack, the decisions taken by the officers saved the life of the president. After six shots fired by John Hinckley, a troubled young man to Reagan to the Hilton Hotel in Washington, the agent Jerry Parr pushed the president in his limousine, which got underway quickly.

In the first few seconds, the health of the president seems reassuring. "Rawhide is well," Parr said the agent, using the code name of President Reagan. "Back to the White House returns to the White House," another agent attached. For the police, the president was "OK" Suddenly the situation changes.

One officer announced that the car should go to George Washington hospital emergency department. Parr agent on board the vehicle with the president, just realize that Reagan is not unscathed. Still unaware that has been hit by a bullet, thinking that he simply injured by the jostling. "We go to [hospital] George Washington, quickly," says another agent.

"Move", urges the agent Parr. During this time, the suspect has been arrested and taken to a police car. Finally, it would be declared unfit for justice. Although Reagan was not directly hit by the bullets of John Hinckley, one of the bullets bounced off the president's armored limousine and hit him in the chest.

The bullet passed near the heart. Shortly after the race through Washington and arrival at hospital, the first lady, Nancy Reagan (Rainbow, key) is conducted in the White House to the hospital. "I indicated that Rainbow is headed there for the 22 Street entrance. Can you be sure you can go?" Says an agent to those agents with the president.

Reagan returned to the White House a few days after his operation.

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