Saturday, March 12, 2011

One expert says that the Earth could be altered by the earthquake

Madrid. .- The researcher of the Institute of Geography and Mines of Spain (IGME) Miguel Angel Rodriguez Pascua noted that due to geological effects of the earthquake occurred in Japan on Earth could be affected and even changed the axis of the globe as the planet has been shortened. He noted that now the earth "must accommodate" because the energy released in an earthquake "has been very high" and added that this is already "one of the most important on the planet has been in many years." In any case, pointed out that this is a possibility, although this is a "possibility, but not certain.

He has explained that the tsunami has occurred because the earthquake, tidal wave in this case because it has been in the sea, originated in the subduction zone at the confluence of several plates. In this case, said that Japan is an island emerged from several plates, the Eurasian, American, Filipino and Pacific Plate.

Easter has stated that the earthquake zone is a subduction zone in front of the "arc-island" that is Japan and that this board has been produced with the earthquake, the vertical jump, with the movement, being under water, has caused a rising of the water film (ie, sea surface), resulting thus in a tsunami.

"One of the two edges produces a vertical jump in the water beneath the plaque remains above, a segment of the North American plate, "he stated. It has also indicated that if the movement, rather than convergence, have been lateral, the earthquake did not cause the tsunami and that not all end up in tsunami tidal waves.

As for the tsunami warning, has stated that U.S. early warning systems "have already been implemented" because it could affect the Pacific islands and hope that the "wave" comes to Alaska in 6 hours and nine California . In fact, he recalled that the tsunami caused by the explosion of Krakatoa volcano gave "several times around the world." "It's not the first time this has happened," he remembered.

In the same line has been uttered National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy (INGV), which indicated that the earthquake may have displaced nearly 10 inches the axis of rotation of the Earth. "The impact of this event on the axis of rotation has been much greater than that of the great Sumatra earthquake of 2004 and probably the second largest, behind only the Chile earthquake of 1960," reads the statement.

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