Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gaddafi's regime takes the press to visit the city defeated Zawiya

A group of foreign journalists today visited the devastated city of Zawiya, near Tripoli, on a visit organized by the authorities to show that he was in his power, and where they could verify a high degree of destruction. In this city, 92 kilometers southwest of the capital, took place some of the fiercest fighting during the siege which was applied after the eruption of riots in Libya, now a rebellion is to end the 41-year regime of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi.

The tour organized by gadafista regime officials, five days late, because on Monday the Libyan rulers came the visit to showcase promising a victory never materialized, allowed the group of journalists invited to check the total destruction of some areas of the city . CNN reporter Nic Robertson in his twitter explained that there are buildings completely destroyed by tanks, charred vehicles, felled trees and debris of all ammunition used by all parties.

The city spent the last five days in which the resistance remained in possession of the Martyrs Square until last Sunday under heavy artillery fire, mortars and successive attempts to break down the defense with tanks that were used to fund . For its part, the BBC reporter said that "destruction is total." Only the British team 'Sky News' led by journalist Alex Crawford had been reporting from inside the city during the brutal siege, as they managed to film images and have caused hundreds of deaths and injuries.

Three BBC journalists who tried to reach Zawiya, were arrested this week for 21 hours, beaten and abused to mock executions by the secret police and the military gadafistas. The Libyan envoy to the Brazilian daily O Estado de Sao Paulo, Andrei Netto, was arrested by Libyan security forces for eight days and released yesterday as the Iraqi newspaper 'The Guardian' Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, an Iraqi national, continues missing.

Both tried to circumvent the fence gadafista accessed from Tunisia to Libya. Parallel to the campaign of harassment to the international press in Tripoli, the Libyan regime exhibited this week in the Libyan state television pictures of a demonstration of commitment to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi allegedly took place in the city of Zawiya.

As reported by the special envoy of the New York newspaper 'The New York Times, propaganda display took place on a main road in Tripoli peripheral.

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