Saturday, March 12, 2011

The blast caused the earthquake was felt in Alicante

San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante). .- The seismic station of the University of Alicante in the Natural Park of Font Roja has detected an earthquake of 8.8 Richter scale in Japóndieciséis minutes after the shaking, the time taken for the "wave" to travel the 8,000 kilometers away. The director of the Seismic Records Unit of the University, José Juan Giner, has told the station they have in the Red Font opera, in collaboration with the Provincial Fire Consortium in bandwidth and is the latest generation.

Its technical qualities enable it to detect the slightest movement of soil estimated at up to ten millionths of a centimeter, that is quite imperceptible to the human eye. The sixteen-minute delay in the detection of the shock is "the time it took the wave to travel through the Earth's interior," meaning that has moved at a speed of 500 kilometers per minute.

According to Giner, unlike other previous earthquakes epicenter further south of the equator, as Japan has been perceived in most of the seismic stations in Spain because the waves have traveled at all times inside the northern hemisphere without passing through the planet's core. "This instrumental can confirm again that when there is a breakdown of this magnitude, all the earth moves," he said.

Although he has stressed that the severity of seismic events are not comparable, Giner recalled that the Spanish Southeast has a risk "moderate" shocks and has held that government and society must be "prevented" in compliance with the security protocols in construction.

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