Saturday, April 2, 2011

TEPCO offers new data center misconceptions about

The company TEPCO, which operates the Fukushima nuclear plant, has provided incorrect data on radioactivity in the area for the second time in a week, amid criticism of the Nuclear Safety Agency of Japan. Japan agency for nuclear safety said the data on pollution of groundwater in Fukushima, which according to TEPCO radioactive iodine levels were 10,000 times above the legal limit are not reliable.

The Agency explained that the analysis of water near the reactor 1 of the plant are to be revised downwards because errors have been detected in Tepco measurement programs for materials such as tellurium, molybdenum and zirconium. Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for the Nuclear Security Agency, described as "extremely regrettable" that the operator has provided incorrect information for the second time of radiation on the ground in just one week.

Last Sunday, the utility said it had detected a concentration of radioactivity 10 million times higher than normal in an area almost swamped water turbine building of the reactor 2, but later said the figure was excessive and should be analyzed again. "TEPCO faces a serious situation and is not meeting the expectations of those who are very concerned about the company.

Your data should be reliable," Nishiyama said, quoted by the local agency Kyodo. Nuclear Security Agency of Japan also criticized the conditions under which operators work to control the reactors in Fukushima, ensuring that they do not have the necessary badges. Some employees share dosimeters, which measure the absorbed radiation dose, while performing the same work, which "is not desirable from the standpoint of security," according to Nishiyama.

TEPCO sources quoted by Kyodo noted that the tsunami broke almost all the 5,000 dosimeters available to the central and only 320 are operational, although yesterday the company had already got another hundred. The efforts of the workers today focus on empty tanks to store water contaminated with radiation, which has flooded several areas of Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 and makes the work to cool the reactors.

It is also expected to start today Tepco spraying resin parts of the plant to prevent radioactive dust spread by the wind and rain. Is expected to be discharged within two weeks of the Fukushima nuclear plant a total of 60,000 liters of resin.

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