Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who says a Westerwelle?

The victim, in these cases is always the last to know. The German Foreign minsitro and number two in the Merkel government, Guido Westerwelle, has ceased to have the support of his party, which cries out for resignation. But the Liberal leader continues with her chores, traveling in China today, insisting that the solution to the Libyan problem is not military but political, as his liderzago is dissected at home in your absence.

The electoral defeat in recent regional elections in Saxony-Anhalt and Baden-Württemberg, where barely 5% of votes required by the Constitution to attain parliamentary presence, and the output of the regional parliament in Rhineland-Palatinate, where virtually disappears as a policy option, have filled the patience of a party previously pissed recurrent outbursts of the minister and especially angry about the latest twist in government energy policy, which has forced the FDP to change abruptly speech, as has traditionally been at breakneck supporter of nuclear energy.

We know that at least three regional confederations of FDP in the federal states of Saarland, Berlin and Bavaria, and other senior party officials are calling for the resignation of Westerwelle as head of the German liberals. Some dare to say enttre lines, as the leader of the Liberal party in Bavaria, Renate Will: "a chemical bo not enough that some secondary resign." Other even more esplícita, as a member of the board liberal, Yorgos Jatsimarkakis: "Who loses elections as important as party chief, also has to bear the consequences as party chief." If one is going to take a coffee in Friedrichstrasse, in one of the terraces near the headquarters of the Liberals, the comments are quite thicker gauge.

"It leads to ruin, has encoloquecido, we can not," says a middle of the game by recognizing that the FDP only fit, a phoenix, start from scratch to try to rise from the ashes of the political corpse of Westerwelle. The fact is that if it falls Westerwelle, the problem for Merkel will be written in capital letters and exclamation points among many because it is vice chancellor and his coalition partner.

Imbalances in his cabinet would cause irreparable damage to a time when the forces of resistance to electoral disaster and utterly. Merkel, proactive, takes months flirting with the Greens, the German political force strong in the polls, and contacts have intensified in recent weeks, due to regional negotiations.

But the chances of that change in the current dance partner is very complex. "The German Chancellor is not party to reshape his cabinet despite the internal crisis rocking its junior partner in the governing coalition, Steffen Seibert said on Friday, official spokesman of the Government in the usual appearance before reporters Friday." sees no reason for it, "he explained, trying to give a sense of normalcy that squeaked in each and every one of its hinges.

Even a member of the government, Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, said in comments to German media there should be no personal taboos in reorganizing the party leadership. Westerwelle returns from China on Monday and arrive at a meeting d ela party leadership will be attending with knives of all colors nailed to the back.

The opinion surveys " Politbarometer "of public broadcaster ZDF today reveals that 55% of Germans have to leave the presidency Westerwelle FDP as late at the party congress held in May. For 69% of respondents, the holder Foreign is also the head of the recent electoral failures of the coalition government.

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