Saturday, April 2, 2011

Security forces kill three protesters in Damascus

Damascus .- The security forces on Friday killed three protesters in the suburb of Duma, in southern Damascus, as reported by several witnesses, while the manifestations happen in other cities. The Syrian state news agency Sana has been recognized for the first time that the Muslim faithful of the city of Dera and Latakia, the scene of protests and clashes with victims last week, have rallied on Friday after Friday prayers to call for an acceleration political reforms.

"A group of believers has left the mosques of the city of Dera and Latakia, chanting slogans in memory of the martyrs and calling for accelerating the reform measures. There have been clashes between worshipers and security forces at these concentrations "said the Sana agency. Several witnesses reported that three deaths in the suburb of Duma were part of a group of some 2,000 demonstrators chanted slogans like "Freedom.

Liberty. One, one, one. The Syrian people is one" when police opened fire to disperse from the plaza of the Municipality. The last two weeks of demonstrations in Syria have claimed over 60 dead and have been one of the greatest challenges to the regime for nearly 50 years led by the Baath party.

Civil society activists have explained that there have been several protests in Damascus and Banias port city of Latakia against the regime of Bashar al Assad. In the Syrian capital, security forces and supporters of the Syrian president with batons attacked demonstrators gathered after prayers at the exit of the mosque Rifaii in Kfar Sousseh district, as reported by a witness who has ensured that at least six protesters have been arrested and dozens were beaten.

Opposition activists have called for this Friday called 'Martyrs Day' to honor the nearly 60 people have died these past two weeks at the hands of security forces during the protests. In addition to the movement in Damascus, there have been demonstrations against the ruling party, the Baath in the coastal cities of Latakia and Banias, according to opposition sources.

The BBC has also reported protests in the cities of Hassakeh and Qamishli, in the northeast, where there is a large presence of security forces. Assad tried to disable the demonstrations on Wednesday with a speech to Parliament in which he declared that the riots that face their country respond to a "conspiracy" organized sectarian abroad.

He accused the events of Deraa a "minority that has wreaked havoc" and said he had given "clear orders" to the security forces that did not cause "any damage to the Syrians." In his speech, Assad did not announce any reforms that were expected, namely the lifting of emergency laws governing for half a century.

However, the government announced Thursday it had established, in order of Bashar al-Assad, a legal committee to be prepared, before 25 April, a new law that guarantees security and combating terrorism as "a prelude to cancellation of the emergency law. " Also, the executive is formed, also by order of Al Assad, a judicial commission to be carried out "immediate investigation" into the death of "civilians and military" in the towns of Dera and Latakia, the two main epicentres of the antigovernment demonstrations.

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