Saturday, April 2, 2011

More than 174,000 Japanese are staying in evacuation centers after the earthquake

Tokyo .- More than 174,000 Japanese are housed in approximately 2,000 evacuation centers after the earthquake and tsunami recorded on 11 March, as reported Friday in a statement Red Cross, which has detailed more than 2,000 nurses are providing psychological assistance to victims. The NGO explained that the lack of fuel is hampering the work of humanitarian aid distribution and that about 2,400 nurses from the Japanese Red Cross are providing psychological support to more than 174,000 people in evacuation centers set up in Most public buildings.

Red Cross has warned that the elderly and children are "groups with more than traumatic sequelae after the disaster" and explained that the Japanese Red Cross has stepped up to send humanitarian aid to affected areas and evacuation centers. For now, the Japanese Red Cross has distributed more than 130,000 blankets, 25,000 packets of emergency relief and other basic goods such as diapers, baby food, shirts and masks.

" In addition to this material, "dozens of medical teams working in hospitals and mobile clinics of the Japanese Red Cross, as reported by the institution. The balance of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami rises to a total of 11,620 dead, 16,464 missing and some 2,700 injured.

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