Saturday, April 2, 2011

LIBYA - "Fight misinformation orchestrated by Gaddafi"

I left Libya shortly before the introduction of the no-fly zone [March 19, 2011], after being blocked in Tripoli. In Benghazi, all lines are cut, the Internet also. In Tripoli, all shops are closed on days when the guns fall silent, he reigns in the capital a terrible silence. We have strong suspicions about the leak of Gadhafi in Sebha [in the south].

It is said that one of his son would be injured. Anyway, do not they can escape. With the cash that Gaddafi holds, there will be very dangerous for Libya and the countries involved in the international coalition. We call on all countries bordering Libya, including the Algerian government not to leak Gaddafi and his family.

How organized revolt against Gaddafi does? Everyone participates in its capabilities. Women took to the streets and help in hospitals treating the injured, including a conservative city like Benghazi. For Libya, it is a true renaissance. The heart of the movement is formed by young people who are under-equipped and under trained.

When they win a battle, they retrieve the weapons and vehicles of mercenaries. They are tough, not "rebels" or "insurgents" as we read in the French press. Speaking of "rebels" or "insurgent" is the words of communicating the plan that stigmatize the revolt. The figures given by hospitals are false: with all the bombings and shootings which I witnessed, Gaddafi has claimed at least 10,000 casualties among his countrymen.

Should we fear a civil war? No, there is no opposition between East and West. The East is not his first uprising against Gaddafi, so the soldiers who were based there have joined the resistance. But the West is taken hostage by Gaddafi and his militia. He uses every means of pressure to ensure the loyalty of the soldiers, for example by presenting the corpses of their comrades deserters, hands tied behind his back.

Some have preferred to die rather than take on their fellow citizens. In aircraft and tanks, is attached to the men their orders to prevent them from fleeing. Gaddafi and will not hesitate to make a human shield members of government and their families. You kill or you get killed. What do you think of the intervention of the international community? We, the resisters, military welcome such intervention, but with a fear: that these forces never leave.

And it also raises questions about the consideration that we will be demanded. Will we impose a government? The installation of a military base? After the Italian colonization and forty-two years of oppression kadhafienne we would finally take our destiny. What can you do for Cairo? Many Libyans, especially those from Benghazi, Cairo to align to shelter women and children.

Here, the Libyans can combat misinformation orchestrated by Gaddafi. Saying aloud that the troops of dictator blamed the international coalition casualties are actually doing to them. Or, not to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity by an international tribunal, Qaddafi sent his soldiers to sign families of victims of landfills show that their relatives died at the hands of demonstrators.

We improvise journalists, filming with our phones or by testifying to the media, because we have no free press and foreign journalists were kidnapped in Libya or risk their lives. We are also grateful to Qatar and its news channel Al-Jazeera, which, despite the death of one of its journalists and the kidnapping of three others remained on the ground and continues to inform us.

Furthermore, Qaddafi and his family hold accounts at the Arab International Bank, an Egyptian bank which has branches throughout the Arab world, which are not yet frozen. We intend to attract the attention of the international community to prevent this money Gaddafi use.

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