Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood rejects any foreign interference

"I do not want anyone to interfere in what happens in Syria. The Syrian people have the capacity to resolve their issues by itself, does not want foreign interference." Riad Shiqfi, secretary general of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood in exile since 1980, is emphatic on this point. Shiqfi, which normally lives in Yemen, on Friday visited Istanbul with Taifur Faruq Mohamed, another member of the Islamist organization banned in Syria since 1963 and pursued since the slaughter of Hama in 1982.

"Nobody can open my mouth in Syria. I can not even make a phone call to my family: if he did imprison those who speak with me," says Shiqfi. Demonstrations on Friday is expected massive cry for freedom and implies that it is too late to undertake reforms Bashar Asad. "The people expected to come out and speak personally, but when he did on Wednesday hopefully been quiet! Not say anything meaningful, anything having to do with politics." Asad Should resign? "We have no problem with Asad personally, but with the dictatorial system.

If there really is reforms, free elections, is presented and win, we'll take it perfectly." Another thing is that it is credible. "After what we saw, and we do not trust their word," laments Shiqfi. "Since 2005, says he wants to undertake reforms, but that takes time ... Now we see that this regime has no will or ability to reform the system." Faruq Taifur ruled that the huge demonstrations in support of Assad expressing the will of the people.

"These students and officials to give them the day off or a reward is as in the former Soviet bloc." What model would be implemented in Syria if Assad falls? "The Iranian model is not convincing. The Turkey itself, is admired throughout the Arab world," said Taifur. "What matters is that government that emerges from the elections." And dispel fears that the fall of the secular regime of the Assad family could result in religious clashes in the puzzle of minorities in Syria.

"Never in the history of the country there have been clashes between Muslims, Christians, Alawis, Armenians, Kurds ... If someone encourages differences is the regime." What if Assad does not yield? "We want a second Libya. Unfortunately, what we have so far is the most similar: massacres and repression.

Just do not want anyone outside intervention," reiterated the two 'brothers'.

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