Thursday, May 19, 2011

Strauss-Kahn, Ophelia and the third witness

As the days pass reveal more details about what happened on Saturday in room 2806. The document containing the charges against him and former director of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, for alleged attempted rape and sexual assault of an employee of the Sofitel New York, and the leaks that are making the press now it's the turn of the emergence of a third alleged eyewitness.

This is another hotel employee, according to police sources and the Sofitel chain, was in the room when the victim came DSK. Apparently the man was removing the breakfast of 2806, I had the door ajar when he appeared Ophelia, the 32 year old Guinean woman has reported to Strauss-Kahn. It asked if the room was empty and clean as could be entered, and his partner said no one was there.

She came in with his cleaning cart into the hallway of the room while the other employee came out of it and left. The hotel group has also reported on the possibility that there were cameras in the hallways and out to make a more reliable reconstruction of the facts. According Sofitel, the hotel only has video cameras in the first and second floors, and only in the meeting rooms, noting "there were no cameras there or in the hallways or in rooms or suites." According to the account of the investigators, the alleged victim came into 2806 believing the room was empty, while DSK was taking a shower at the other end of the suite.

While she cleaned the room, Strauss-Kahn came out naked, according to the complaint, the employee attacked by throwing to bed where he tried to rape her. Ophelia managed to escape him, but he grabbed her again near the bathroom where he forced her to perform oral sex. When DSK allegedly wanted to rip the underwear, she managed to escape.

For their part, defense lawyers of former director of the IMF have called for his release on bail of one million dollars and his house arrest with electronic monitoring device. According to court sources, probably today the court makes a decision on DSK.

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