Thursday, May 19, 2011

DSK why it is held in New York and would not have been in Europe

European protest because some laws criminalize the man, but in New York the testimony of a victim, if credible, would be adequate to speculate 70 years in prison. As if the dialectic collect enough samples. Clad in white robes trimmed researchers carpet pieces. Looking drops of fluid. Hairs. Any shred contaminated by DNA that serves to unravel if we talk about a disgusting crime or a drug assembly.

Locked in room 2806 at the Sofitel, where visitors are confined to the vestibule, traced the scene. The protagonists, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the anonymous hotel employee, underpinning strategies. DSK, locked in a prison wing at Rikers, is guarded to prevent a possible suicide. According to William K.

Rashbaum, The New York Times, former nemesis Sarkozy and the left strut egregious exquisite stay in his cell 23 hours a day. The remaining 60 minutes can go to the patio. His lawyers, justifying the bill, have called for a second time on probation. It is, say, a diplomat, politician and jurist of international renown who has surrendered his passport.

That is not to escape but to defend his name. In addition, the reconstruction of events as told by Le Monde bad fit with the story of their activities. According to the chronology provided by his lawyers to NYTimes DSK left the hotel at 12:28 noon on Saturday. At 12:45 came to a restaurant two blocks away.

"Before departure, Mr. Strauss-Kahn approached the hotel to ask about a forgotten mobile phone." During that conversation would have explained that he was at Kennedy Airport. Your flight to Paris, whose bill would have bought a week earlier had set off at 13:32. The officers presented themselves at the Sofitel at 13:45.

DSK was arrested at JFK. If the court addresses the reasons given by his defense, the director of the IMF still reside twenty-four hours a day in the apartment of his daughter, a student at Columbia University. An electronic device alert for a possible leak. The alleged victim only know who is 32 years and is originally from West Africa.

Testified today before a jury. According to the media said his lawyer, Jeffrey J. Shapiro, his testimony was powerful, compact. Other witnesses would have fineness. The key, in the end could be in the electronic keys, how to complement, highlight or disrupt the sequence of hypotheses.

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