Thursday, May 19, 2011

29 people die and 70 injured in double bombing in Iraq

At least 29 people were killed Thursday and 70 others wounded in a double attack and another attack in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk (250 km north of Baghdad) according to a police source. Most of the fatalities, 25, killed in double bombing near a police station in Kirkuk and four others were killed by a car bomb directed at the convoy of a senior counter-terrorism .

Jamal Tahir, a member of the Kirkuk police, stated that one of the bombs exploded near a bus stop. "There have been two explosions, one a car bomb was detonated near a bus stop. There are many victims but still do not have a specific number," he clarified. The first attack happened near a police station where he first placed a limpet bomb exploded in the basement of a vehicle and then detonated a car bomb in the same place coinciding with the arrival of police and many civilians.

Among the victims of this double attack, mostly police, include the secretary of the police station, Ibrahim Jassem, and four other officers. The source also noted that a large number of vehicles have been destroyed as a result of the explosion, adding that the station also suffered some damage.

After the attack, police cordoned off the area. In another attack, four members of the police escort the person responsible for combating terrorism in Kirkuk, Aras Mohammed, died when a car bomb parked on the street blew up the convoy in which he traveled.

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