Thursday, May 19, 2011

Defending Strauss-Kahn said he could get bail

Managing Director International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is accused of an alleged crime of sexual abuse and attempted rape, this Thursday could get bail, according to CNN. The defense of the French politician has proposed to the authority granted freedom in return for a bail of one million dollars and to fulfill an order of arrest under strict security measures, like wearing an electronic bracelet to monitor his movements, according to the same chain.

Lawyers for Strauss-Kahn made the request on Thursday at a hearing in a New York court, having worked on Wednesday to reach an agreement with the authorities to the IMF's head out of the Rikers Island prison "as soon as possible" . Defense sources explained to CNN that he asked to Strauss-Kahn may leave the prison where he is being held from Monday, ending a situation that is "bad for your health" and involves "discrimination" against other defendants.

Still according to CNN's lawyers IMF managing director consider it vital to prepare his defense work hand in hand with his client, arguing that there are high chances of remaining in bail. Strauss-Kahn also called for the press DSK, was arrested Saturday after allegedly raping a hotel employee in New York where she stayed two days later was charged with seven counts of sexual abuse and attempted rape for which he could be sentenced to between 15 and 25 years in prison.

"The idea that this man is on the streets causes deep concern to my client," CNN also told the lawyer for the alleged victim's former Minister of Industry and the French Economy, Jeffrey Shapiro, after hearing the news. Shapiro explained that his client, identified by the French press as Nafisatu Dialo, is "very concerned about safety, about what this man is capable of doing and what could happen." "I think if this man is no threat of flight, who else?" Asked the lawyer, who confirmed that his client appeared Wednesday before a grand jury in New York, but declined to give details about his statement in court "not to obstruct the case." According to Shapiro previously confirmed to several media, the alleged victim, an African immigrant, 32 Guinean origin, Muslim, widow and mother of a teenager, he would deny to the grand jury the possibility that he consented to sexual intercourse with French politician.

The lawyer said that when his client testify before the jury and tell his own story, they understand that the arguments of the defense that there was consensual sex are not true and that "there was no mutual agreement in the room that hotel. " Strauss-Kahn is in custody on Rikers Island, a prison located on an island in East River and well known for being the scene of famous TV series like 'Law & Order.

" While details of the case known, and there are some U.S. media have spoken, as some French, the possibility that the French economist and politician was the victim of a conspiracy. One is the magazine 'Vanity Fair', which puts an article entitled 'Strauss-Kahn: Predator or the victim of a plot? ", Which states that the case could lead to" a script for a thriller of Hollywood, "if it is established that the allegations are false." The defendant is subject to special supervision 24 hours a day to avoid a possible suicide, will appear before a Manhattan criminal court on 20 May.

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