Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor visibility forced the Air Force One for Obama to repeat the landing maneuver in Connecticut

Washington. .- The poor visibility forced the U.S. Air Force today, Air Force One, which was Barack Obama, to cancel a landing maneuver in Connecticut, which won on the second occasion. According to the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), the visibility at the airport Bradley Field was "below minimum" due to high clouds and the pilots could not see the runway from the required height.

Therefore, the pilots, who had begun the descent to the airport, decided to fly back up and circled the area for several minutes. As stated by the White House spokesman Nick Shapiro, the plane "flew in circles because of the time. They flew in a circle and landed safely a few minutes later, at 10.05 am local time (14.05 GMT)." "The pilot was in the landing process but because of the time decided to turn around the airport and then land.

It is standard procedure and sure," added Shapiro. Obama traveled to Connecticut to deliver a commencement address at the Academy of Midshipmen of the U.S., after which it will move to Boston to participate in a fundraising event.

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