Thursday, May 19, 2011

Confirm that the bodies recovered from the flight Rio - Paris identifiable

The bodies recovered from the wreckage of the plane that crashed into the Atlantic about two years ago while covering the line between Rio de Janeiro and Paris can be identified, having been learned from the DNA evidence, said Wednesday the French Gendarmerie . "The extraction of DNA in order to obtain a genetic profile has been done, confirming that identification is possible," he said in a statement the Prison Service, responsible for this case by the judicial authorities investigating the case.

This is good news for the families of the 228 victims, because it opens the door to continue recovering bodies after the two promoted earlier this month and those found at sea in the days following the accident. French judicial authorities had indicated they would only going up bodies in the case of examinations conducted at two rescued make identification possible.

This required that DNA traces found on the bodies, something difficult after almost two years to just under 4,000 meters in the deep sea. Police sources said that forensic experts had never faced the challenge of finding the remains in the bodies so damaged, so it indicated that the only way to find it was inside the larger bones like the femur.

But tests have shown that identification is possible, although so far not been carried out to compare the DNA recovered from the bodies to the relatives of the victims. However, police sources said they did not systematically recover all the bodies, if not only those whose status is acceptable and not degrading.

In that sense, spoke last 10 days the trial judges of the case in a letter to the families of the victims, which stated that "not too badly damaged bodies mount up" to "preserve the dignity and respect for the unfortunate victims and those who weep. " The plane, an Airbus A330, crashed in the Atlantic on June 1, 2009.

The causes of the accident are unknown at this time, but researchers are confident in certain after earlier this month appeared the two black boxes of the device.

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