Sunday, April 24, 2011

Four brothers committed suicide while in Turkey

Four brothers, aged 26 and 31, have committed suicide simultaneously in southeastern Turkey after the death of his mother, who died last week following an asthma attack, local press reports. The four brothers, two men and two women fell into a deep depression after the death of his mother, a painter and sculptor of 63 years.

The four were hanged in the country house of the family, in four different rooms simultaneously. Speaking to reporters, the father, Necdet Sagocak, adding that his four children, with whom he had little contact, and warned last week that they intended to commit suicide, so he decided to send them to the field house family in the province of Kahramanmaras.

"I told them that her mother would die again. The Kahramanmaras sent from Istanbul to the cottage to make them feel better. But I could not prevent what happened next," said the father. The four people with college degrees but appeared to be highly dependent on their mother and did not usually have much contact with the outside world, added the Turkish newspapers.

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