Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Pope, media star

Benedict XVI became the first pope in history to participate in a television program. The Pope has been the star of an area of the RAI, Italian state television, pre-recorded and broadcast on Good Friday holiday, from 1410 hours, the exact time that Jesus supposedly died. [Read the transcript of the questions and answers] In the program, similar in structure to 'I have a question for you', the Pope has responded to seven questions that have arisen pre-selected audience.

The first question has made a seven year old girl who has witnessed the earthquake in Japan, which has referred to the Pope: "My house shook, many of my friends died. Why do I have to be so afraid? Why do children have to suffer so much sorrow? You who talk to God, you can explain? ". "I also happen to me the same questions: why is so and why you have to suffer so while others live comfortably? And we have the answers but we know that Jesus, innocent, suffered like you, that God True, shown in Jesus, is on your side, "replied the priest, who on Saturday turned 84.

But the question that most dust is unleashing is what has made Mary, an Italian mother whose son has spent several years in a vegetative state. "Holy Father, where is the soul of my son in a coma?", Has released the woman. "The situation, perhaps, is that of a guitar with broken strings, so you can not touch.

Thus the instrument is fragile and vulnerable body and the soul can not play, but it is present. I am sure that soul that your love deeply hidden, "said Pope, adding that the presence of a parent with his son in a coma all hours of the day" is a great act of love, great courage, a testament faith in God, faith in man, a commitment for life, respect for human life even in the most sad.

" Some associations in favor of euthanasia have expressed their disagreement and, in the name of equal treatment, require the RAI also convey its position. In this unprecedented program Pope also responded to a group of young Christian Iraqis, who have asked about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East for religious reasons.

Benedict XVI has responded to the Vatican works to promote "reconciliation" with Muslims. Speaking of Muslims, one of the questions raised it just a Muslim, a woman from Ivory Coast, a country that has long supported a bloody civil conflict that has inquired the Pope over the issue of the war.

"We must pursue peace with the means of peace and abandon violence," the Pope replied, adding that "violence is not of God will never, ever give good support, is a means and not destructive way out of difficulties ". Furthermore, as expected during Holy Week, another question has addressed the resurrection of Jesus.

The Pope replied that after the resurrection," Jesus did not die again, as it is above the laws of biology and physics. "Another viewer wanted to know if the Pope had planned to renew the consecration of the Church of the Virgin Mary. Benedito XVI has responded that" for now "has no intention of doing so, the consider it sufficient that have already done some of his predecessors as Pius XII, Paul VI and John Paul II.

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