Sunday, April 24, 2011

The rebels control Misrata while NATO bombing resumed

Tripoli / Cairo - The militias opposed to the Libyan regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi in the city of Misrata recovered strategic parts of the city as the central hospital and the bridge of the town, near the western approaches of the city, while continuing the NATO bombings, Al Jazeera reported today. The hospital, which was being renovated, was used by the troops of Gaddafi as a strategic point.

The fighting on Friday lost intensity. The opponents of the regime counted 13 wounded, hospital sources said. In addition, early in the morning three people were killed in an air strike against a bunker military alliance of forces loyal to the regime in Tripoli. The Qadhafi government spokesman, Ibrahim Mussa told reporters in Tripoli that the area attacked in Bab al Aziziyah was not being used and that there were no ammunition.

The attack came hours after Gadhafi announced his retirement from Misrata. The days before were still fighting hard place in that city, especially in the Via Tripoli, a strategic area of the city, which determines the course of the fighting. Also on Wednesday two Western photographers were killed.

In total, these days it is estimated that 100 rebel fighters were killed. The insurgents also took control of the building of an insurance company where there are very good view of the entire center of Misrata. This is a block used snipers to fire on civilians. Media reported that tensions decreased significantly throughout the city.

Gadaffi's regime in Tripoli was in the meantime to save face after the defeat in Misrata. The Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Kaim, reported in last night that the Libyan leader had ordered the withdrawal of its soldiers. "The situation in Misrata be managed by the tribes of the area and population in Misrata, either by violence or in negotiations," he told reporters Deputy Foreign Minister, Khaled Kaim, as broadcast on Friday night chain Arab Al Jazeera.

A spokesman for the insurgents in Benghazi reacted with scorn to the explanations of Kaim. "What tribes are supporting Gaddafi?" Said Ahmed Bani, according to reports from the American channel CNN. If Misrata government troops abandon "the game was over," he said. However, doubted that they would actually do it.

Gaddafi's troops besieged Misrata maintained for almost eight weeks. The only access to the town about 210 kilometers east of Tripoli by sea. Recently, thousands of sub-Saharan workers, who were surprised by the outbreak of armed conflict, were evacuated from the city, along with dozens of fighters and civilians wounded.

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