Sunday, April 24, 2011

Northern Ireland put on alert for fear of further attacks

London .- The Northern Ireland police has intensified security checks in the province amid fears that dissident republican groups attempting to commit a bombing during the weekend. The measure has been taken three weeks after the police Ronan Kerr, Catholic 25, was killed in Omagh (Northern Ireland West) after a bomb attached to his car, an act that was allegedly perpetrated by dissident republicans.

"Terrorist groups identify dissidents have agents and as targets for the sole purpose of killing them," said a spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland. "We take these steps, he added, to maintain the safety of communities and workers. If not we would not absolutely necessary to protect lives." BelfastEl detention Police Service of Northern Ireland have arrested a man in Belfast for his alleged involvement in terrorist activities of the IRA splinter republican groups.

The man, aged 40 was arrested this morning in the neighborhood of Donegall Road during a police operation and has already been transferred to the town of Antrim for questioning. Moreover, according to the police, three men were arrested yesterday in Armagh on the border with the Republic of Ireland, as part of investigations into the activities of dissidents.

Police described the arrests of "significant" and, according to the press, they confiscated several items from the vehicle in which three men were when they were arrested.

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