Monday, August 8, 2011

Raul Castro greets Chavez on his arrival in Cuba to continue treatment

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, was received by General Raul Castro on his arrival last night to Cuba to undergo a second cycle of chemotherapy, following treatment for cancer which was operated on the island last June, reported local media today. Chavez arrived shortly before midnight Saturday to the International Airport "José Martí" Havana, in military dress, "smiling and talkative," according to a brief note published on the cover of the official newspaper "Juventud Rebelde" with a photo which he is seen conversing with President Raul Castro.

Note indicates that the Venezuelan president will now begin the second phase of chemotherapy, "successfully completed the first stage a few days" on the island. This time, the president of Venezuela has returned to the island accompanied by Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro and his daughters Maria and Rosina Gabriela.

"I promise that I'm in a situation of strong recovery, of course, you know that this disease always carries risks (...), but within a few days come back and come back in better condition, with the help of God and the Virgin "Chavez said in Caracas shortly before leaving for Havana. They announced that their stay on the island must be at least a week and reiterated that he will return in better physical condition.

The president, who underwent surgery for a cancerous tumor on 20 June in Havana, and was put in the Cuban capital for an initial chemotherapy. He returned to his country last July 23 to ensure that medical tests had detected no "malignant" in their body. "I'll be several days, at least one week in this second phase of chemotherapy," Chavez said yesterday during a Council of Ministers.

Also said that this second cycle will probably start on Monday after a sample taken from you will practice on Sunday. "Maybe it takes one third and not yet known whether additional radiotherapy," said the ruler.

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