Monday, August 8, 2011

The Syrian army caused dozens of deaths in the attack on Deir al-Zur and Haul

At least 42 people were killed in an offensive launched by the Syrian army against the towns of Deir al-Zur (northeast) and Haul (province of Homs, in the middle), Efe said a spokesman for the Local Coordination Committees, Abdullah Mohamed al. Al Abdullah said that 38 people were killed in Deir el-Zur, where private hospitals have been forced to close and one public has been surrounded by troops, and four died Haul.

For its part, the Syrian opposition group's revolution against Bashar al-Assad, said that the number of people killed in the 16 reaches Haul people, including four women and a child. Committees spokesman further alleged that electricity, water and telecommunications are cut in Deir al Zur, which he said, "lives in a catastrophe." The inhabitants of this city have had to bury two people than were killed in a public park, they have not made it to the cemetery.

According to Al Abdullah, there are many arrests and raids snipers on buildings and Deir al Zur Haul. Local Coordination Committees also reported, through their Facebook page, the deaths of four people shot dead during a funeral in Idleb (north). In addition, many people were wounded by gunfire in this city, informed the committees that did not specify the number of these.

Meanwhile, in the town of Dera in the south, there have been several arrests, said the opposition group.

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