Monday, August 8, 2011

Netanyahu is considering a response to the demands of outraged Israelis

Even with the thunderous echo of the more than 300,000 Israeli demonstrators last night demanding "social justice" in protests held around the country, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that made "social corrections with determination but also with responsibility. I am convinced we will succeed as we did with the economy in the past.

" After announcing the membership of the round table dialogue with the leaders of the major social upheaval in the history of Israel, Netanyahu made clear at the start of the weekly meeting of Government: "I am sensitive to the protest. We will listen to everyone.'ll Talk to all. dialogue in a sincere and hear the claims and proposed solutions.

After all, we are considered by the practical solutions that require a choice and balance. " Hence, adding a warning in response to the numerous banners displayed last night and demands in many cities. "We can not satisfy everyone. We can not receive all the claims and say that all will have a solution." "In the same way that the Government ignores the impressive display of public outcry last night for social change, one can not ignore what happens in the world economically, from the U.S. to European countries like Italy or Spain. We must act with responsibility and rationality, "says Minister of Economy, Yuval Steinitz, an allusion to the downgrade of U.S. debt. A fact that has caused sharp declines (6%) of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, solid institution accustomed to climbing.

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