Monday, August 8, 2011

Another night of riots in London

More violence in London. After serious clashes Sunday in the district of Tottenham, the riots in the night have moved further north, in the residential district of Enfield. About 100 boys, very young, wrapped up in the hoods of sweatshirts, stormed a few shops on the main street of the neighborhood.

At the moment the situation seems to be back under control. The officers of the Metropolitan Police have blocked access to the area where the accident occurred and are treating the area as a crime scene. In the streets you can still see broken windows, broken bottles.

Foot Looker A shop was set on fire. On Twitter, as well as on some local media, rumors are circulating of possible new disorder in the area of Edmonton. It also seems that other disorders are not even as an entity, have broken out in south London, in Brixton. There have been reported about 200 young people engaged in the activities of devastation and looting.

The riots, according to police and reported by the BBC, may now trigger an emulation effect in the rest of the city of which we have already some worrying signs. Three policemen were injured after being hit by a moving vehicle while trying to complete an arrest in Waltham Forest, just east of the British capital, and according to officials of the Met would be just an effect, "copycat" than happened to Tottenham and Enfield.

Also in Waltham and surrounding area were less than thirty reported incidents of vandalism and also occurred in central Oxford Circus where it went into action about fifty young people. A police vehicle was then attacked in Islington, north of the capital.

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