Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Templar inspired Breivik fanaticism

In his manifesto published on the Internet, the author of the attacks in Oslo itself as a "Knight Templar" and says that the legendary military order to this day shrouded in mystery, was relaunched recently as nine years in London with order to eliminate Islam in Europe. After seven centuries of the dissolution of the Order of the Temple, its self-proclaimed successors are hundreds, beyond Behring Norwegian Anders Breivik.

And their goals are very different: today called Templars from charities to religious sects and criminal gangs. The Vatican accounts for more than 400 organizations of all kinds inspired by the medieval warrior monks, a list that continues to grow, such as this year's bloody drug cartel in Mexico The Knights Templar.

A European Declaration of Independence, Breivik placed on the cover shield of the Templars, a red cross on white background. The subtitle of the document is 1,500 pages "Praise of the New Militia of the Poor Knights of Solomon's Temple", the original name of the Order of the Crusaders.

Like the Templar order also alleged to have been founded by Breivik nine "gentlemen," whose names are omitted, but their goals would be very different to protect the highway robbers of the pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem. Breivik, as "commander" Templar, he felt called to cleanse Europe of Muslims and preserve European culture, and considers that to do this, first is to "eliminate Marxist multiculturalists and political doctrines," attacking the political parties that advocate coexistence between people of different cultures.

In an allusion to the roots of the Templars, Breivik urges to destroy the monumental mosques of Al Aqsa and Al Quds in Jerusalem and rebuild the temple of Solomon, which stood on the site. "Jerusalem will again be a city shared by Christians (50 percent) and Jews (50 percent)," he writes.

Also, the cartel of the Templars in the Mexican state of Michoacán has a modern crusade against the "infidels" and sees his mission, he says, defending the weak from murderers, kidnappers and extortionists, and avoid the entry of rival groups its territory. This makes killing, which justifies a pseudo-ideology of "divine justice." A week after its creation in March, two men appeared and hung from bridges with a sign that read: "The robber and kidnapper killed by.

Sincerely The Knights Templar". Since then, they have been given dozens of deaths, which has led other Templar groups in Mexico changed the name not to be confused. In the 90's, another group came to occupy Templar proclaimed worldwide headlines, the so-called Order of the Solar Temple, an esoteric group founded in France, who starred in three group suicides that have killed more than 70 of his followers.

Also some say Masonic currents descending from the Templars and numerous Catholic brotherhoods, especially dedicated to charity, although the Vatican does not recognize any as the legitimate successor of the order of Hugh of Payens.

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