Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Malta's parliament finally approved a divorce law

The Maltese parliament Monday approved final divorce law, which, once it occurs the passage of the rule by the country's president, George Abela, Malta will be the only state in the European Union that does not include this legal. According to the newspaper 'Times of Malta', with 52 votes in favor, 11 against and five abstentions, the House of Representatives gave its approval to a rule that already favored the Maltese on 28 May referendum more than 52 percent consensus.

The referendum held in Malta, a country with 98% of Catholics among its nearly 500,000 inhabitants, was a previous step, although not binding for the Parliament to proceed with the bill of divorce. The legislative proposal was presented jointly by the deputy of the opposition Labor Party (PL) Evarist Bartolo and those of the ruling Nationalist Party (PN) Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, whose advocacy of divorce was controversial within the formation.

In fact, the Maltese Prime Minister, the conservative Lawrence Gonzi, PN showed on several occasions its opposition to divorce with the Catholic movements of this Mediterranean island, but eventually left the head of the freedom to vote their parliamentarians. Maltese Prime Minister on Monday voted against the divorce law, while all the Labor Party voted as a bloc in favor, except for Adrian Vassallo, contrary to this legal and who missed the vote.

In Malta there was already so far the figure of marital separation and divorce obtained abroad by the couples formed by two Maltese or a Maltese and a foreigner had legal recognition by the state.

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