Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More than 150,000 people attended a march against violence in Oslo

More than 150,000 people participated in the "March of the Roses" in Oslo and other Norwegian cities to honor the 76 people killed in the twin bombings on Friday in the capital and the social democratic youth camp. In Oslo, people marched with torches and flowers in the center of the capital, near where the car bomb exploded, led by Crown Prince Haakon and the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on Labour.

At the close of the merger in the town square, Haakon said in a speech that "today the streets are full of love," and stressed that while no one will reverse the attacks on July 22, the Norwegians themselves can "decide which deaths are" them. "We decided to respond to hatred with unity.

We chose to mobilize in support of our values. Norway is a country in mourning. We remember all who have suffered losses, disappearances, and all who have made a heroic effort," said Haakon. Stoltenberg urged citizens to remain a tolerant and democratic, and emphasized that "evil can kill a person," but it can never "take over an entire people." He added that Norway's response to the attacks should be "more openness, more democracy," which drew a heartfelt applause from the crowd in the town square.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Social Democratic Youth, Eskil Pedersen, visibly moved, said the attacks "changed forever" to Norway, but is in the hands of the people to decide how it will be the transformation. "He has pulled some of our most beautiful roses, but he can not stop the spring," he said.

To complete the march, the participants, with their roses in the air, the song sung in Norwegian higher Ja, vi elsker, which means "Yes, we love." The march began and ended at the town hall square in Oslo, but after closing the official focus the vast majority of participants decided to move to the cathedral at the entrance to deposit your roses, as it has done spontaneously from Saturday morning.

The "March of the Roses," comprised largely of whole families, took almost half an hour to cover just 600 meters between both locations due to the amount of caring people who participated in the act.

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