Monday, July 25, 2011

Chronology: What happened on the island Utøya

As the blond man in police uniform began shooting, many of the youngsters on the Norwegian island Utøya initially would not believe that what they saw was real. But then when they realized that really the blood from gunshot wounds of the first victims ran, they ran for their lives. An overview of the events from the perspective of survivors.
15.30  The approximately 600 young people on Utøya on the third day of their holiday camps first heard news of the attack in the capital about 30 kilometers from Oslo.

16.30  The young people receive on their mobile phones, images of the attack in Oslo.

The extent of the disaster is aware of them, many gathered in one building and discuss it. "We comforted ourselves with the fact that we were on our island, at least in safety", a camp participant wrote in her blog the next day. A man in police uniform, reached by a small boat, the island against

17  He carries two weapons visible, which is unusual in Norway. First he explained that he had come to protect the young, but then suddenly he starts to shoot.

17.10  young people who have gathered in the middle of the island to hear, coming from the bank panic sounds. First, they suggest, if it were exploding balloons.

When they realize that is shot, chaos erupts. Several young people to call an emergency number. There is, however, told them they should not block the line if their call has nothing to do with the attack in Oslo.

17.15 According to eye witnesses of the offender reaches the ground where the tents are, this is systematic and shoots from close range on everyone he finds there.

17.20 A group hiding in a dark corner in one of the few buildings on the island.

17.25 When the shots get closer to the youths to flee through a window. Some of them write text messages to their parents.

17.27 clock is from the Norwegian police officially announced as the date of the first emergency call.

17.30 The young people flee towards the shore, some jumping into cold water in order to swim to safety. The perpetrator shoots at anything that moves. A girl tells how she lies on the body of a dead comrade and have tried to behave as quietly as possible.

17.38 A special unit of police stops in Oslo after Utøya. The team will decide to drive across country, because a helicopter is obviously not ready for operation.

17.45 Clock: The owner of a campsite located opposite the island claims to have heard more than a half-hour shots. But only now is it clear that must take place on the island of something terrible.

First survivors to reach the floating about 800 meters away from shore Utøya. They report that others were still being shot in the water and would probably drown. The owner of the campsite and some vacationers travel with several small boats to the island to rescue survivors.

17.52 Police reached the area, but because they have not own a boat, they must first wait.

18.00 Four young people who obviously did not know that the policeman on the island is in fact not a race against him seeking protection. All four were shot. Others see it from their hiding places, without having to intervene. 18.09 Clock: The special police reached the area from Oslo to the island Utøya.

18.25 The police reached the island. First, they do not know how many attackers there. Many of the young people stay out of fear initially in their hiding places. After a few minutes, the 32-year-old will put offenders - according to police protocol to 18.27, against earlier claims to 18.35.
The man surrendered and was arrested. The small boats that had set off to rescue the young people are partially full to accommodate more people.

19 Survivors must still be rescued from the water. The island has some of the young people still dare not to come forth from their hiding places.

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