Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Horn of Africa: Deadly Consequences

Twelve million people are affected by food shortages in East Africa, hundreds of thousands are threatened by death, tens of thousands are already starved out - the numbers are bad. The situation remains dramatic even when the numbers are exaggerated by interested parties in fact.

Equally exaggerated perhaps, as the sums of money were needed to alleviate the distress. That urgently needs to be helped - which can be helped - that is beyond question. Not sure this also has two faces; drought is not the same drought. Again, it is clear that it has deadly consequences when functioning state structures are missing, if there are no governments have for gangs and Islamist militias in control.

Somalia continues to provide startling visuals in terms of "failed state". As there is a long-term sustainable agriculture be developed? Neighbouring Ethiopia is affected by the drought. There, however, the government has taken precautions to ensure that it is not a catastrophe must come.

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